Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Republic, why we delight

Bidhur Dhakal 
Seven years of the calendar
Each years we cast our delight
To the Tundikhel
Each years we
remembers our martyrs on the day
of the Jesth 15
in name of republic Nepal.
But where we got our republic,
where we realized republic,
Don’t know how we
why we delight ?

No change on the method of ruling
only the change of organization.
last we were ruled by a lion
but now hundreds of mice.
Only the change we got
king shah gone
and king koirala, khanal, dahal come.

Granee asked me
beta, this is the system you want to store?
They are the king you want to pick up?
Unanswered my head bowed down.
What's the republic is really.
don’t know which bird is called republic.

Each year of these seven years
I'm in search of the answer
of the question of my granee.
Is the republic is for only leaders ?
to have pleasant salute from the nepali in tundikhel.

नमस्ते विहानी प्रवेश गरेर दिन सुरुवात गर्ने हरुको संख्या

नमस्ते विहानी